What’s better than running from zombies? Being a zombie!

Zombies will be on the course, stumbling, chasing, standing, sitting, and crawling. You have the opportunity to be a horrifying Stumbler zombie or a full-action Chaser zombies.

Here are some things to think about prior to registering

When do you want to be a zombie? – You will be able to choose between different shift times.
What type of zombie are you? – You can be a fast Chaser Zombie or a horrifying Stumbler Zombie.
Is there anyone in particular you’d like to eat brains with? – During registration you will have the opportunity to create a zombie group.

The Zombie Herd

The Zombie Herd is a special community of people who join together for the fun of freights.  A lone zombie isn’t much of a threat so it is important that all members of the Zombie Herd work together to capture those runners tasty flags. Teamwork and camaraderie are just as important for the undead as they are for humans so you better come prepared to make a lot of new friends and have one of the most insane days of your life!

What Zombies Receive

  • Awesome Event Souvenir
  • Lunch
  • Entry to the After Party
  • Free Parking

 Sign up to be  Zombie!

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